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​                                                                               2016 -2017 Results

What a Fantastic Finals Weekend we had on 8th & 9th April! 

Congratulations to all the finalists of the club competitions, credit goes to all who took part and what great bowling we experienced as spectators!  

There were some wonderful and close games and examples of 'never give up'.

The results were as follows:

Men's Singles:                                                      

Winner:-   Paul Camilleri

Finalist :-    Tony Peck

Ladies' Singles:                            

Winner:-   Gill Darrington

Finalist :-    Carole Ingarfield

Mens Pairs:   

Winner :-   Terry Lynch & Les Bunn   

Finalist:-    Peter Denton & Eric Odell 

Ladies' Pairs:      

Winner:-   Rita Clifford-Pendleton & Janet Hirst 

Finalist:-    Pat Wood  & Chris Darwood  

Mixed Pairs:    

Winner:-   Ann-Lesley & David Rosier 

Finalist:-    Alan & Agnes Cunningham    

Men's Drawn Pairs: 

Winner:-  Brian Greaves &  Paul Camilleri 

Finalist:-    Mike Tomkins & John Longyear 

Ladies' Drawn Pairs:

Winner:-   Linda Grimsey & Gill Darrington                      

Finalist:-    Barbara Jakes  & Sue Webb 

Men's Triples:        

Winner:-   Geoff Jordan, Bryan Perry &  Geoff Cooke

Finalist:-    Paul Camilleri, Alan Cunningham & Les Usher 

Ladies Triples:

Winner:-   June Weeks, Gillian Blacklock & Anne Larr 

Finalist:-    Maureen Denton, Diane Timms & Liz Tatersall 

Men's Rinks:     

Winner:-   Terry Lynch, Alan Ratcliffe, Alan Cunningham, Les Bunn                            Finalist:-     John Kayne, Paul Brocklesby, Karl Brocklesby, Laurie Coleman           

Ladies Rinks:         

Wnner:- Sue Webb, Edweena Church, Rita C-Pendleton & Janet Hirst                    Finalist:-   Sue Richards, Jean Prettyman, Chris Darwood & Ivy Woods 

Mixed Rinks:            

Winner:-   Pauline Bunn,  Eileen Ratcliffe, Alan Ratcliffe & Les Bunn                              Finalist:-    Heather Page, Chris Darwood,  Mick Page & Mick Darwood 

                                                  2015-2016 Champions.​

​Last years results


Men's Singles:                                             
Winner:-   Paul Camilleri
Finalist​:-    Chris Matthews
Ladies' Singles:                            

Winner:-   Ivy Woods 

Finalist​:-    Rita Clifford-Pendleton

Mens Pairs:   

Winner​:-   Ray Outridge & Ian Burnage   

Finalist:-    Barry Pollard & Deryck Rayson 

Ladies' Pairs:      

Winner:-   Anne Dale & Sue Richards 

Finalist:-    Margaret Howe  & Ann Hurley  

Mixed Pairs:​    

Winner:-   Mike & Sue Webb 

Finalist:-    Alan & Agnes Cunningham    

Men's Drawn Pairs: 

Winner:-   Barry Pollard & Barry Morton 

Finalist:-    Glenn Rudd & John Ellis 

Ladies' Drawn Pairs:

Winner:-   Rita Holyoak & Sue Webb                      

Finalist:-    Wendy Swain & Dot Baker 

Men's Triples:​        

Winner:-   Ted Miller, Jim Ingarfield & John Kayne Winners

Finalist:-    Paul Camilleri, Chris Tebbutt & Les Usher 

Ladies Triples:

Winner:-   Sue Webb, Edweena Church & Rita Clifford-Pendleton 

Finalist:-    Ann Hurley, Margaret Hinson & Margaret Howe 

Men's Rinks:     

Winner:-   Terry Lynch, Alan Ratcliffe, Alan Cunningham, Les Bunn  

Finalist:-    ​John Kayne, Paul Brocklesby, Karl Brocklesby, Laurie Coleman           

Ladies Rinks:         

Wnner:-    Margaret Howe, Margaret Hinson, Gillian Blacklock, Lan Croxon  

Finalist:-    Irene Williams, June Weekes, Joyce Pill, & Dot Baker 

Mixed Rinks:​            

Winner:-   Lan Croxon, John Kayne, Valerie Odell & Laurie Coleman  

Finalist:-    Mary & Les Usher & Jackie & Chris Tebbutt